What does Eden Green do for the food service industry?

Eden Green’s innovative farming solutions have completely transformed the food service industry, defying all expectations. Our superior products are available year-round at a consistent price that not only rivals, but surpasses traditional agriculture.

How do we solve your biggest food service procurement problems?

At Eden Green, we understand the challenges that food service professionals face every day. That’s why our approach is centered around providing innovative solutions that alleviate common procurement challenges relating to:

Quality and Safety

Unlike traditional farming, we control every aspect of growing, ensuring our greenhouse-grown produce boasts unparalleled quality and consistency.


While traditional farmers are limited by seasonal changes, we produce a variety of crops year-round, ensuring a steady supply no matter the issues.

Local, Greenhouse Advantage

Eco-friendly, local produce that sets catalogs and menu items apart.

What types of products do we offer?

Eden Green products are local, fresh, premium, and totally custom. Our revolutionary products can be harvested, processed and packed in-house.

We’re not your average indoor farm.

Eden Green's patented hydroponic technology combines the advantages of greenhouse and vertical farming, setting it apart from traditional farming methods. Instead of relying on the soil to deliver nutrients to the plant's root system, our innovative approach ensures the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest produce available on the market.


Locally Grown

Food Safety Certified

Better than Organic


Greenhouse Grown

See how what makes us different from our competitors. Learn more about our award-winning growing technology now.

Why us vs. field grown or other indoor farmers?

  • Plants growing next to a clock

    Sustainable and Fast Delivery

    Today's conscious consumers prioritize locally and ethically sourced goods. Our sustainable farming methods surpass corporate sustainability targets while ensuring fresh produce delivery from harvest to store within 48 hours.

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    Reduced Risk and More Consistency

    Outdoor farming is susceptible to unpredictable factors like pests, weather events, and disease. Our controlled indoor process minimizes these risks, offering a more reliable and secure supply chain.

  • Multiple plants growing under one roof

    Order Customization

    Our ability to grow, process, and pack in-house means you can tailor your offerings and lower processing costs to meet exact customer demands.