Growing a healthier, tastier world for everyone – one vertical farm at a time.

Eden Green's cutting edge hydroponic systems achieved what many thought wasn't possible — year-round harvests of locally grown leafy greens people love to eat at prices shoppers can easily afford. And we're just getting started.

The Story of Eden Green Technology

Watch why our founders designed vertical farming technology to eliminate child hunger worldwide.

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Revolutionizing Commercial Agriculture

3x More Harvests

With an average harvest cycle of 28 days

2,500 Tons

Of leafy greens that customize your local vertical farm

100+ Full-time Jobs

Providing living wages year-round at each campus

85% less food miles

than traditional outdoor farms

98% less water

than traditional outdoor farms

90% less light energy

Consumed compared to other
vertical farms

Our Beginnings

Eden Green founders and brothers, Jacques and Eugene van Buuren have spent the last decade perfecting a way to feed the world. 

While attending a community event in their native country of South Africa, the brothers and witnessed a 5-year-old boy stuffing food in his pockets. When asked why, he explained that it wasn’t his day to eat, so he was saving the food for his 3-year-old sister. Shocked and heartbroken, the two brothers set out to do something about it. As engineers, both brothers’ made it their mission to create a way for communities to have access to fresh and, healthy produce.

Our Goals

Growing up green

Eden Green is focused on finding better ways to sustainably grow the popular produce items that cause the most safety and environmental problems for our food system.

  • - Scaling farm-to-table food in urban areas 

  • - Engineering new vertical farming technology to sustainably grow a rainbow of produce

  • - Working with like minded partners who share our vision

Innovating our way to a sunnier, more sustainable future


A network of green

We go beyond just repackaging commodity agriculture technologies and hydroponic systems. Our independently developed, proven and patented new technologies increase crop yields and vastly reduce waste on a local level.


Partners Make our mission a reality. Become one today.

Are you a giver, too?

We donate leafy greens, seeds and our time to our local community and organizations in Texas. Send us a message if you’d like to talk more about our local support efforts.

Want to learn more about CEA?

We publish articles frequently for any one who wants to learn about CEA, vertical faming, and hydroponic produce. Check out our blog for resources, industry trends and insights about the state of sustainable farming.