Deliver fresh, fast, sustainably grown romaine all year round.

Romaine lettuce can be challenging to source through traditional suppliers due to its susceptibility to foodborne illnesses and slow processing times, but Eden Green provides a safer and fresher option.

Food Safety Certified

Locally Grown

Better than Organic



Greenhouse Grown


Savor the goodness of our romaine products, reliably in stock every day.

Chopped Romaine

Our romaine is irresistibly delicious, maintaining a unique, crisp texture unmatched by other hydroponic options.

  • 5 oz, 10 oz or 16 oz clamshell or bag

  • Also available in bulk

  • Choose your label

Whole head Romaine

Indulge in our chopped romaine produce's delightful crunch and freshness, consistently available and afforable for all with Eden Green.

  • Crispy and crunchy

  • 5 oz, 10 oz, 16 oz clamshell or bag

  • Also available in bulk - 12 or 24 ct

  • Choose your label

Romaine Filets

Personalize your leaf size and variety of your filets. Guaranteed to be always fresh, crispy and delicious.

  • Baby or Teen leaf size

  • 5 oz, 10 oz or 16 oz clamshell or bag

  • Also available in bulk

  • Choose your label

Offer your customers greenhouse-grown romaine for unbeatable freshness, intensified flavor, and sustainable availability.

Eden Green offers a sustainable solution by providing multiple SKUs, reducing shipping costs, carbon footprint, and plastic waste through their compostable and recyclable packaging while maintaining freshness and extended shelf life.

Your Shopper 🌿

βœ“ Hyperfresh - 48 hrs from harvest

βœ“ Longer shelf life, no guilt over uneaten waste

βœ“ Jammed packed with nutrients and great taste

The Planet 🌎

βœ“ 85% less food miles traveled

βœ“ 99% less land and 98% less water than traditional farming

βœ“ 2X more efficient than traditional greenhouses

Your Business πŸ“ˆ

βœ“ Competitive costs to field grown without the shrinkage

βœ“ Always available 365/7/24 

βœ“ Custom options, varieties and mixes

Customize your order WITH EDEN GREEN

Not seeing the romaine product you’re looking for?

Our hydroponic romaine can be conveniently packaged in bulk for those who prefer larger quantities and in sustainable packaging of all sizes.

From the blog

Everything You Need to Know About Hydroponic Romaine Lettuce

Romaine FAQ

  • There have been four large-scale romaine recalls in the US since 2017 β€” more than most fruits and veggies over the same period. The latest recall was caused by a food-bourne illness due to cattle runoff.

  • Our favorites are Monte Carlo, Dragoon, Truchas, Jericho, Xalbadora, Sparx, and Green Forest.

  • The average hydroponic romaine takes up to 35 days to grow in our vertical greenhouse system, while it typically can take 60 to 80 days to grow in soil.

  • Romaine is packed full of nutrients! These include essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, and even potassium.

  • The good news is that hydroponic romaine, since it typically doesn’t have to travel long distances to get to the consumer, tends to last quite a bit longer than most soil-grown lettuces. This means you can store it various ways without worrying about it going bad. Store your romaine in a refrigerator, or set it on the kitchen counter with the roots in water.