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Chopped Romaine Lettuce

Our romaine lettuce boasts a unique blend of crisp texture, vibrant taste, and impeccable presentation that remains unparalleled by any other CEA product.

  • Multiple cut sizes available

  • Shipped within 48 hrs of being harvested

  • Sustainably grown with 2X more efficiency than other greenhouses


Full Suite Herb Program

We are the sole greenhouse-grown provider of a full suite of herb products, offering a comprehensive array of herbs and ensuring a diverse and fresh selection for our customers; streamlining operations and overall supply efficiencies.

  • One SKU to merchandise your entire herb program at scale

  • Sustainable thanks to our plastic reducing packing program

  • Grown in the top 1% of food safe environments, in one single greenhouse


Spring Mix

All grown within the same greenhouse, this red oak, frise, and romaine mix is vibrant, crisp, and flavorful.

  • Washed and ready to eat

  • Available all year round

  • Your choice of baby or teen leaf


How we differ from other suppliers

Eden Green Technology

  • A custom one-stop shop; offering private label and packaging daily harvests, grows 24/7/365

  • Fill your truck and save on costs with multiple products at one farm

  • Always fast and fresh 365 days a year, and only 48 hours from farm to store

  • Top 1% of all food-safe environments

  • Up to 10% of daily harvests donated to local nonprofits fighting hunger

Other Produce Suppliers

  1. No control — you buy what’s available

  2. 2 - 3 harvests a year — sourcing is always complicated and a concern

  3. Only grows a single product per farm — so you have multiple suppliers

  4. Not local — 7-14 days from farm to store

  5. High risk - Exposed to runoff, pests and extreme weather

Butterhead lettuce graphic

Choose your custom packaging

Our hydroponic produce can be conveniently packaged in bulk for those who prefer larger quantities and in sustainable packaging of all sizes. Eden Green offers a sustainable solution by providing multiple SKUs, reducing shipping costs, carbon footprint, and plastic waste through their compostable and recyclable packaging while maintaining freshness and extended shelf life.


  • Loose leaf, chopped, and salad bases come in the following sizes: 5 oz, 10 oz or 16 oz clamshell or bag

    Whole head - 5 oz clamshell

    Also available in bulk - 12 or 24 ct

    Herbs are available in individual clamshells and in bulk

  • Yes. Please contact us and we’ll follow up with our pricing options.

  • Depending on the order amount and product, we can start shipping within a few weeks. Reach out here for more details.