Join our friendly team working in sustainable vertical farming, while giving back to those who need it most.

What kinds of careers exist in vertical farming, and what makes someone a perfect fit for our team?

In this episode of Spill The Greens, our VP of Agriculture, Aaron Fields, walks you through exciting jobs in sustainable agtech, vertical farming and hydroponics.

An Eden Green vertical farmer looking up in front of a towering wall of plants

Views from Inside the Vines

Open Positions

View our openings for vertical farming jobs and agribusiness corporate roles.

Inventory Control Analyst - Greenhouse Operations (On-site)

As an Inventory Control Analyst for our greenhouse operations, you will play a critical role in ensuring efficient inventory management, optimizing supply chain processes, and supporting the overall success of our greenhouse cultivation activities.

Packing Technician (On-site)

Packing Technician positions are hands-on and require individuals who enjoy rolling up their sleeves and are accustomed to manual labor-intensive jobs. Prior experience in packing, specifically in produce and/or leafy greens is a plus but not required.

Maintenance/Facilities Technician (On-site)

The Facilities Tech is a member of the facilities team and reports to the facilities manager. This position is a full-time, multi-function role involving maintenance, construction, janitorial, and food safety support.

Production Technician (On-site)

Production Technician positions are hands-on and require individuals who enjoy rolling up their sleeves and are accustomed to manual labor-intensive jobs.

Sanitation Technician (On-site)

As a Sanitation Technician, you will be an essential part of our operations, ensuring that all areas of our hydroponic greenhouse are clean, sanitized, and organized.

The Future of Farming is Happening Now

Join a mission to bring sustainable vertical farming to every city.

Our dedicated greenhouse team knows that every small action and every plant is a small part of the bigger mission to change the future of farming.

Our employees take pride in their work and love the friendly nature of our team, and beautiful atmosphere of our greenhouse. If you are looking for purpose in your career, this is the place for you.

Innovate the latest modern farming technology and vertical greenhouse systems.

Our hydroponic systems are the most sustainable and affordable in vertical farming for a reason. We are consistently iterating on our technology to make it as efficient and scalable for large scale food production.

Join a team who isn’t afraid to ask “why” and work together to perfect the next wave of vertical farming and urban agriculture.

Grow the healthiest and freshest food to benefit everyone.

At Eden Green Technology, you truly get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Whether you are on our propagation team, facilities or sales, you’re fulfilled in mind, body and soul.

We offer of our employees full health benefits, paid time off and as much produce as you care to eat!