Safely grow delicious produce and keep both your plants and greenhouse team healthy.

Our vertical farming technology and greenhouse management services ensure the highest food safety standards when growing and harvesting hydroponic produce on an everyday basis. 


Leading the Way in Food Safety Practices & Processes

Food safety, worker and environmental health has never been more important. 

Our vertical farm technology, and prioritization of food safety management and worker protection, exponentially lowers the risk of food-borne illnesses, pests infestation, and worker health outbreaks, compared to traditional farming methods and other indoor solutions.

“Transparency in food safety and worker health protection should be the standard in modern farming and urban agriculture. We are proud to be training the next generation of vertical farmers to foster a culture of safety in our hydroponic greenhouse systems.”

- Eddy Badrina, CEO


Why food is safer when you grow with us

Our greenhouse management and food safety consulting services equip your greenhouse team with the knowledge and mindset necessary to grow the best quality product. We believe we lead the agriculture industry in food safety and environmental health and safety protection.


Sanitation & professional cleaning and laundry services

Entryway & sanitizing mats to keep out contamination

Daily pressure washing and sanitizing of tech


Day-to-day Testing & Internal Auditing include:

  • Environmental testing program for Listeria and Salmonella; potable water from the city; and sampling and testing for microbiological analyses

  • Utilities—supply of air, water, and energy

  • Management of purchased materials

  • Ongoing cleaning and sanitizing

  • Pest and contamination control

Worker & Environmental Health

✓ Handwashing

✓ Face masks

✓ Gloves

✓ Physical distancing

✓ Hair nets

✓ Lab coats

We promote best practices, ongoing training, and education within our entire organization, not just in our food safety team. 

A culture of food safety includes:

  • Ongoing evaluation of compliance 

  • Weekly newsletters

  • Onboarding and frequent training for all greenhouse employees

  • Up-to-date certification for greenhouse management 

  • Paid sick leave for greenhouse team

  • Personnel hygiene and employee facilities


Our efforts are focused on meeting current food laws and regulations, as well as Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Standard requirements. Each greenhouse has a robust quality control plan as a part of our Integrated Management System. 

We regularly measure compliance to food laws and regulations and conform to the highest GFSI standards. This gives our customers and consumers confidence that we are providing nutritious and safe produce that exceeds their expectations.