Upgrade your selections with hydroponic lettuce and salad greens; from farm to store in 48 hours.

With a rapid and local journey from harvest to store, your customers can savor the unparalleled freshness of our produce on a daily basis.

Most Popular Leafy Greens

Our commitment to in-house growing, processing, and packaging ensures that our lettuce and salad greens are consistently fresh, tasty, and nutritionally rich, exceeding expectations every day. These products can be customized with tailored packaging, labeling, blends, and mixes to meet your specific needs.


Delicate and velvety, butterhead lettuce boasts a mild buttery flavor and tender leaves, making it a luscious choice for salads.

How we differ: Traditional soil-grown varieties can be inconsistent in supply, as its delicate nature makes it vulnerable to wear and tear from the elements.

Filets, Whole Head, or as a Salad Base
Washed & Ready to Eat
Roots On or Off


Crisp and full of flavor, romaine lettuce has sturdy, elongated leaves and slightly bitter taste, giving a satisfying crunch to your salads.

How we differ: Romaine's traditional farming in open fields increases the contamination risk from soil, water, and the environment.

Chopped & Bagged
Salad Base or Mixed
Whole Head
Bulk or Retail

Why Stop There?

Add More Greenhouse Lettuce to Your Veg Program Today

Optimize your logistics with us. Our hydroponic lettuces are meticulously grown and harvested at the peak of freshness, ensuring they remain not only incredibly healthy but also irresistibly delicious. Processed and labeled in-house any way you want!

customize your LABEL

At Eden Green, we believe in allowing you the freedom to customize your produce the way your customers like it.

Our in-house packaging enables us to tailor your order to any size and style, ensuring your satisfaction with every bite. Your preferences, your produce, your way!

Our clients love packing our premium produce as:

✓ Whole Head in a Clamshell  

✓ Loose Leaf in a Bag 

✓ Banded   

✓ Chopped + Topsealed 

✓ Boxed in Bulk

Why Work With Us

Choosing hydroponic lettuce is a sustainable choice that benefits your business, delights your shoppers with superior taste, and helps protect the planet by reducing food miles and environmental impact.

Good for the shopper 🌿

  • Food Safety Certified 

  • Non-GMO

  • Affordable

  • Fresher; more flavorful, more nutritious!

Good for the environment ☀️

  • Pesticide-Free

  • More sustainable than Organic; 98% less water

  • Locally Grown; cutting 85% of food miles

Processed in-house any way you want:

Whole head;
Roots on or OFF

Loose leaf
or filets

or shredded

& ready-to-eat

Mix It Up

Custom Salad Blends and Packaging

From crisp romaine to fragrant basil and unique combinations like butterhead and collard greens, we deliver a diverse array of premium greens to meet your specific retail needs.


Fresh Spring Mix Salad

Mix of baby lettuces, greens, and radicchio.

Sweet and Crunchy

Mix of green butter lettuce and red butter lettuce.

Super Greens

Combination of spring mix (baby lettuces, greens) and spinach.

Learn more about our custom processing options now.


  • Hydroponic lettuce offers all the benefits of traditional, soil-grown lettuce. But it has the advantage of being protected from the contaminants that so often lead to food recalls. It is also more sustainable, using less water, no soil, and no chemical pesticides. https://www.edengreen.com/blog-collection/hydroponic-butterhead-lettuce

  • Yes! Hydroponically grown produce has the same nutritional benefits as its soil-grown counterparts and is typically fresher when it arrives to the consumer.

  • There are a few ways lettuce can be contaminated when it’s grown in a hydroponic environment, but it’s still best to wash vegetables before consuming them.

  • Absolutely! Produce cultivated hydroponically offers identical nutritional advantages compared to its soil-grown counterparts, and it generally reaches the consumer in a fresher state.

  • The good news is that hydroponic lettuce, since it typically doesn’t have to travel long distances to get to the consumer, tends to last quite a bit longer than most soil-grown lettuces. This means you can store it various ways without worrying about it going bad. Store your hydroponic lettuce in a refrigerator, or set it on the kitchen counter with the roots in water. https://www.edengreen.com/blog-collection/hydroponic-butterhead-lettuce