Add top tier and sustainable label solutions to your store

Effortlessly meet demand with sustainable on-demand labeling, saving you money while delivering daily fresh, delicious produce through eco-friendly practices.

✓ Bagged

✓ Boxed in Bulk

✓ Clamshells

✓ Banded

Our Benefits

Committed to serving your customers and the planet

Custom Selections:

  • Lead and choose your wet veg products based on shopper preferences.

On-Demand Freshness:

  • 48 hours from harvest to store ensures the freshest produce.

  • Everyday delivery, 365 days a year, ready to pack.

Sustainability Focus:

  • Align with larger ESG goals by reducing plastic and carbon footprint.

  • Enhance sustainability across water, land, waste, energy, and food miles.


We work with the best packaging suppliers to guarantee quality and sustainability


How does the process work?

Our process might be new to you, but it’s pretty simple. Here’s how we can collaborate together:

  1. Determine master label design

  2. Source the label and preferred packaging

  3. Optimize how we palletize to ensure efficiency

Custom Processing

Eden Green transforms the traditional produce supply chain by:

  • Collaborating with suppliers

  • Tailoring local products to customer preferences

  • Fostering a flexible partnership for a thriving agricultural ecosystem.

Select your produce preferences and labels, benefit from daily harvesting, and experience sustainable, local shipping with only a 48-hour farm-to-store turnaround.