Flexible microclimate tech allows multiple herb varietals to be grown within a single greenhouse

Chives and Dill growing side by side at the Eden Green facility

"Until now, the agricultural industry relied upon aggregators piecing together different herb crops from around the world to deliver fresh, affordable, and high-quality produce year-round. Innovative approaches are necessary to keep up with growing demand, particularly with complex programs like herbs," said Eddy Badrina, CEO of Eden Green.

Eden Green revolutionizes this process by growing and packaging all major herb varieties in a single vertical greenhouse
— Eddy Badrina - Eden Green CEO

Eden Green is the only greenhouse grower and packer able to grow 10 herbs in a singular facility. The company creates microclimates for each plant, an individualized, highly customizable environment localized to a specific plant. Each plant's roots receive a precise nutrient mix every 90 seconds through a temperature controlled and filtered closed loop water system. Responsive air control for oxygen and carbon dioxide allows temperature and humidity within the microclimate to be adjusted in seconds. By focusing on individual plants, Eden Green's patented process allows for:

  • Multi-Crop Cultivation: Because the microclimates act as a personalized incubator for each plant, Eden Green can grow up to 200+ products in one vertical farm.

  • Greater Efficiency & Zero Waste: Rather than conditioning a full greenhouse, Eden Green manages only the climate around each individual plant, which enables precise control over resources being utilized, saving energy, water, and nutrients.

  • Faster, Higher-Quality Harvests: Plants receive individualized nutrients and environmental conditions, resulting in faster and higher-quality harvests.

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