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Experience the irresistible taste of our butterhead products, always in stock with Eden Green.

Whole Head Butterhead

Experience the irresistible taste of our whole-head butterhead produce, always reliably in stock with Eden Green.

  • Crispy and crunchy

  • Clamshell

  • Also available in bulk - 12 or 24 ct

  • White label options available

Butterhead Salad Mix

Craft your ideal salad greens with our fresh hydroponic leafy mixes. Personalize your greens for a truly customized and delicious salad experience.

  1. Green and Red Oak

  2. Frisee

  3. Arugula

  4. Any delicious Asian Green

Looking for another butterhead product? Opt for our bulk butterhead or choose from a range of sustainable packaging options at Eden Green, where we offer multiple SKUs to meet your needs and reduce shipping costs, carbon footprint, and plastic waste.

Check out our custom labeling options here.

Provide your customers with greenhouse-grown butterhead lettuce for unparalleled freshness, enhanced flavor, and sustainable availability

Your Shopper 🌿

  • Hyperfresh - 48 hrs from harvest

  • Longer shelf life, less guilt over waste

  • Jammed packed with nutrients

The Planet 🌎

  • 85% less food miles traveled

  • 99% less land 

  • 98% less water

Your Business 📈

  • Competitive costs to field grown

  • Always available 365/7/24 

  • Custom options, varieties and mixes

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Discover what you're looking for with Eden Green, a pioneer in vertical greenhouse innovation, distinguished by our exclusive patented technology. This cutting-edge approach ensures sustainability and maximizes efficiency in growing fresh produce tailored to your unique requirements.

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FAQ about Butterhead

  • Butterhead lettuce offers a velvety texture and a buttery taste. Because of their large, flexible leaves, these plants are an excellent choice for salads, sandwiches, and lettuce wraps.

  • In our microclimate system, our butterhead takes up to 32 days. Traditional soil-grown lettuce with take between 60-80 days.

  • Yes! Our lettuce is grown closer to its final destination, compared to soil-grown lettuce (up to 3,000 miles and 1-2 weeks of shipping time). Because our lettuce goes from farm to table in less than 48 hours, it retains more of its nutritional value and taste.

  • Hydroponic butterhead lettuce can last two to four weeks if harvested with the roots intact.