Advancing CEA & Vertical Farming with

Innovative Hydroponic Systems

Vertical Farming World Awards - 2021 Winner: Eden Green Technology

✓ Best Profitability Improvement Winner

✓ Best Climate Control Innovation Winner

Plants under a grow light

2023 Greenhouse Production System of the Year

🏆 Eden Green was named a 2023 AgTech Breakthrough Award winner; recognized as one of the best agricultural and food technology companies in the world.


We grow more than just lettuce.

Eden Green Technology has become synonymous with delicious and nutritious leafy greens, herbs, and a host of other tasty and affordable hydroponic fruits and vegetables.

✓ 200+ commercial varietals
✓ Herbs
✓ Peppers
✓ Tomatoes

Our farming partnerships would not be possible without our patented vertical farming technology and hydroponic systems.

Each vertical greenhouse is equipped with cost-and-energy-saving:

✓ Patented Microclimates
✓ Proprietary Mobile Light Bars
✓ Hyperresponsive MEP Containers


Our Hydroponic Systems By the Numbers


less capex costs compared to other vertical farms.

5 Million

pounds of leafy greens per year (Texas campus).


less light energy than vertical farming

Up to 10%

of harvest donated weekly


< 1 

year to build: break ground to first harvest in 11 months


Less water usage. We waste < 2 US households use per year!


Less land than traditional farming


varieties of commercially viable produce

Tour Our Sustainable Vertical Greenhouse

Take a virtual tour of our greenhouse with Eden Green’s VP of Agriculture, Aaron Fields.

Take a deep dive into:

  • Our patented vertical farming technology

  • How we differ from other vertical farms and greenhouses

  • Our broad range of hydroponic produce

  • How our business model and grow systems are changing farming for the better

Interested in adding hydroponic greens to your store label? Talk to our team and taste our product first hand. 

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Discover how quality store brand hydroponic produce can elevate your offerings and become a staple of your most loyal customers.

Who We Help


Invest in an innovative and profitable vertical greenhouse network that’s solving supply chain issues and meeting consumer demand.

Patented Microclimates

Designed to result in faster and higher quality harvests, our microclimates act as a more efficient and zero waste personalized incubator for each plant grown in our greenhouses.

Each plant’s roots receives the precise nutrient mix through a temperature controlled and filtered closed loop water system every 90 seconds, resulting in faster and higher quality harvests, more efficiency and less waste.

  • Responsive air control for oxygen and carbon dioxide, our microclimates can adjust temperature and humidity in seconds.

  • Rather than having to condition 100% of the greenhouse environment like a traditional greenhouse, we focus on the area around each individual plant

  • We can grow up to 200+ products in one vertical farm, saving energy and allowing for multi-crop cultivation

Proprietary Mobile Light Bars

Designed to optimize yield, morphology, and efficiency, Eden Green’s mobile light bars provide quality supplemental lights to the plants when and where they require it.

  • LED light bars guarantee consistent weight and higher quality products by providing quality supplemental light at specific locations and times, as needed by our plants. 

  • The mobile light bars have resulted in a 60% increase in yield using 90% less light energy than other vertical farms.

Hyperresponsive MEP Container

Designed for ease of shipping, quick plug and play installation, and modular design, our MEP containers  create a level of data-driven efficiency and hyper-responsive custom controls that make our solution more resilient and consistent in various climates and weather conditions.

  • Grow tropical or cold weather plants with different recipes in neighboring zones without compromising the product quality or system efficiency.

  • The MEP containers are more efficient and resilient – ensuring exact temperature control and removing vulnerabilities associated with extreme cold or heat.