Refresh your shelves with our full-suite herb program

Our quality herb products rival field-grown produce without the extra processing or lengthy shipping timelines. 

  • Custom blending options cater to every season, holiday, and cuisine,

  • Tailored solutions to meet your shoppers’ tastes. 

  • Great fresh taste and is remarkably sustainable, all while ensuring consistent and dependable deliveries 365 days a year.

From seed to shelf, quality and freshness guaranteed every day.

Eden Green delivers locally grown, greenhouse-fresh herbs that all shoppers love

These fresh herbs will elevate your shoppers’ dishes with their amazing taste and streamline your distribution process, saving you both time and money, thanks to Eden Green's convenient and sustainable solutions.

Customize your perfect blend and create the ideal herb program

Our range of hydroponic herb varieties and extensive processing options offer unique  blends and flavor profiles to elevate your offerings with irresistible depth and complexity.

Cuisines 🥗

  • Italian: Basil, oregano, and thyme for pasta sauces and pizza.

  • Thai: Lemongrass, basil, and cilantro for curries and stir-fries.

Cooking Methods 🥘

  • Grilling: Rosemary and thyme for marinated meats and vegetables.

  • Crusted: Dill, parsley, and chives for herb-crusted fish or meat.

Holidays 🦃

  • Thanksgiving: Sage, rosemary, thyme, and parsley for stuffing and roasted turkey.

  • 4th of July: Basil, cilantro, dill, chives, and rosemary for refreshing salads, salsas, and seasoned steaks

Looking to create a new blend?

100+ Custom Herb Blends Available

We cultivate, process, and meticulously label our hydroponically grown lavender, fennel, and peppermint (just to name a few) to ensure the highest quality essential herbs.

Let’s talk if you’re interested.


Hydroponic Herbs

Why Herbs Are Better at Eden Green

Eden Green's innovative farming techniques guarantee the exact produce varieties you desire, grown in abundant quantities, all packaged and labeled to ensure freshness and consistency. From crisp romaine to fragrant basil and unique combinations like butterhead and collard greens, we deliver a diverse array of premium greens to meet your specific retail needs.

One source, More savings

Herbs are typically sourced from multiple suppliers, causing supply issues (ex. bad weather, contamination) resulting in a costly nightmare.

Custom choices, Better outcomes 

Other suppliers won’t give you a choice on the specific variety of product — you get what’s available. With us you get to choose exactly what you want.

Always clean, Always fresh

Traditionally grown herbs arrive dirty — the waste and loss of products hits their wallet and the planet.

Custom Labeling and Herb Packaging Options

Our herbs can be conveniently packaged in bulk for those who prefer larger quantities and in clamshells for those looking for easy portion control and freshness.

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