Eden Green places 23rd in the Food Tech 500 list

Hey everyone!

Guess what? We just found out we snagged the 23rd spot on the FoodTech 500 list! Can you believe it? We're seriously pumped about this awesome news!

First off, we gotta give a massive shoutout to our incredible team. From our awesome growers to our logistics wizards to our production team, every single one of them have played a huge part in getting us here.

This recognition isn't just a pat on the back for us—it's a promise we're making to ourselves and to everyone who believes in us. It's a promise to keep pushing boundaries, to keep challenging the status quo, and to keep finding new ways to innovate in the food industry.

We see this achievement as a validation of the hard work and dedication we've poured into our company, but it's also a reminder of the responsibility we carry. We're committed to using this momentum to drive even greater change, to tackle the big issues facing our world, like sustainability, accessibility, and health.

It's about more than just climbing the ranks or earning accolades. It's about using our platform to make a positive impact, to inspire others, and to leave a lasting legacy in the food world.

We're fired up and ready to keep pushing forward, and we're grateful to have you all along for the ride!

So here's to all of us, to more adventures, more milestones, and more delicious food! Thanks for being a part of our journey—we couldn't have done it without you!


Eden Green Technology

AgriFoodTech (or FoodTech) is the emergent sector exploring how technology can be leveraged to improve efficiency and sustainability in designing, producing, choosing, delivering & enjoying food
— Forward Fooding - AgriFoodTech definition, 2019

Excerpt from the 20243 Food Tech Report:

Years of disruptions and turbulences across the global supply chain have taught us that the food system is ripe for change. With pressure from demographic shifts, climate struggles, loss of biodiversity, water scarcity and geopolitical conflict piling on top of pervasive issues such as food insecurity and diet-related health problems, this change can't happen soon enough. 

Luckily, the pace of transformation in the food industry is quickly accelerating. Changing consumer behaviour, sustainability concerns, new technological advancements and market opportunities are attracting a new wave of entrepreneurs looking to upgrade one of the world's oldest and biggest industries. Every day, AgriFoodTech entrepreneurs are showing great dedication and resilience to improve efficiency and sustainability in our Food System. 

Over the past ten years, the AgriFoodTech sector has catalysed growing attention, allowing it to expand from a tiny niche to a global market, with $241B invested since 2014 to finance tech and biotech-driven solutions around new ingredients, precision agriculture, novel farming systems, functional foods, alternative protein, food waste reduction, food safety & traceability, among many other areas. 

The shift involves new companies like startups and scaleups, but also large organisations, institutions and other players looking to harness business opportunities while addressing critical challenges. We believe entrepreneurship can make a difference in solving some of the biggest issues that are affecting our current food system. Combined with the infrastructure and expertise from established corporations, it creates the ‘secret sauce’ for a brighter future of food. These collaborations will create the biggest impact on how we live and the future choices available to us as consumers, and we believe that facilitating these is a true part of our mission at Forward Fooding. 

Read the full report here >>>


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