Top 9 Podcasts About AgTech, Vertical Farming, and Sustainable Agriculture

Podcasts are a great way to learn about new things and discover fascinating topics. Whether you want to hear about true crime, hear all the latest news about your favorite sports teams, or listen to interviews with fascinating and inspiring people, there are dozens of podcasts available for nearly every topic. And the world of agriculture and vertical farming is no different. Here are our top picks for podcasts about AgTech, vertical farming, and sustainable agriculture.

AgTech and Vertical Farming

If agriculture and responsible gardening are your thing, you’ve got to check out the ‎GREEN Organic Garden Podcast from Jackie Marie Beyer. It offers discussions of earth-friendly agricultural practices and techniques plus tips for the backyard gardener. And with nearly 300 episodes in the can, there is plenty here to explore.

‎The Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson is a fantastic listen for anyone interested in the urban farming revolution. Listen to discussions with guests like Jason Mraz, Lisa Steele, and Kari Spencer as the podcast explores the way agriculture is making roads into urban settings. 

The ‎Vertical Farming Podcast with Harry Duran is the top podcast dedicated to the vertical farming market. You’ll hear in-depth discussions with some of the top names in the industry, including CEOs, founders, and more.

More than just AgTech, ‎DiscoPosse Podcast is a great source for interviews with technology entrepreneurs from all types of industries. They’ve released more than 170 episodes so far, and each runs more than an hour, so there’s lots of content to enjoy.

Sustainability Podcasts

‎Sustainability Explored features more than just sustainable agriculture. In fact, it’s a great way to learn about sustainability topics across all industries. With a backlog of nearly 100 episodes that run less than an hour each, it’s a great way to dive into the world of sustainable business topics.

‎Sustainability Now sits on the cutting edge of sustainability, with discussions related to food, energy, housing, water, waste, and more. Mira Rubin and Scott Bille discuss all sorts of sustainable topics with guests from a wide range of industries. 

If you haven’t found ‎ Sustainability In Your Ear yet, you’re really in for a treat. With a catalog of nearly 200 episodes featuring topics that span the sustainability gamut, you’ll enjoy interviews with CEOs and scientists plus all the latest news from around the world.

‎Point 01 features “experts working to solve the climate crisis by harnessing market forces”. NYU Professor of History of Internet Media, Aaron Cohen, discusses solutions to the climate crisis with experts from all walks of life. With new episodes every Tuesday and Friday, this is one you’ll want to subscribe to and never miss an episode.

The official podcast of the youth-led non-profit Eco Circle International, ‎Eco Insights offers a young perspective on ecology and sustainability. You’ll get discussions on climate change, human rights, economic impacts, political engagement, and so much more.

With so many delightfully interesting podcasts to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one or two that suit your tastes. And in each of the above podcasts, be sure to check out the episode featuring Eden Green Technology’s own CEO, Eddy Badrina.


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