Hydroponic Produce Allison Dupuis Hydroponic Produce Allison Dupuis

Everything You Need to Know About Hydroponic Rainbow Chard

Rainbow chard, sometimes called Swiss chard or 5-color silverbeet, is a hearty leafy green named for its brightly colored stalks. Most often, rainbow chard is red with green leaves, but the stalks can be a variety of colors, including pink, orange, yellow, or white. It’s an exceptionally hardy crop and does very well in most hydroponic systems.

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Hydroponic Produce, Hydroponics Allison Dupuis Hydroponic Produce, Hydroponics Allison Dupuis

How Hydroponic Farming Can Reduce the Cost of Lettuce

If you’re a fan of salads and other leafy dishes, you may have noticed the rapid increase in the price of lettuce. If you’re wondering: how much does lettuce cost? The answer might shock you. The price of lettuce has tripled in the past several months, leaving the average consumer to wonder why. The truth is, lettuce prices have been fluctuating up and down repeatedly over the past several years for various reasons. This article will discuss the reasons for the price hike and how to save money by growing lettuce indoors.

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