This series was created to shine a spotlight on individuals who play vital roles in the CEA and Indoor Ag industries. These individuals, the "gurus," are the experts and innovators driving the advancements in this technology.

The series is hosted and moderated by Eden Green’s Digital Marketing Manager, Bryson Funk and will be held on a monthly basis.

“We really want to bring attention to the individuals actively working "on the ground" within CEA and Indoor Ag facilities. These individuals could include growers, operations personnel, marketing and sales representatives, and logistics experts. You never know who we will bring on next.”

- Bryson Funk

They will be held on Instagram live which allows for live commenting and questions. Questions are highly encouraged. We want to know what interests YOU.

In Episode 2, we chatted with Director of Business Operations, Nadav Regev. Nadav has over a decade of experience in business management and business consulting. If you have an interest in the business side of CEA, this is the episode for you. We dive deep into ERP’s(Enterprise Resource Planning software), sourcing hard item goods and what to do if you want to pursue a career in this field.

Watch the full episode here >>>

Coming up next:

Join us on 10/12/23 for Episode 3. We will be chatting with another Grower from Eden Green, Stacia Lewis. Stacia has been with Eden Green for several years now and has worked in many different areas of both Production and the Grow Team. She brings a unique perspective on what it takes to work on a grow team on a vertical farm.

Topics might include:

Women in business - Women in Agriculture - Growing - Varieties - Trials - Sustainability  - Resource Conservation - Agro-ecology - Traditional vs Indoor


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